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Interrupting One's Prayer

If I forgot and prayed in clothes that contained some impurity and then, during the prayer, I remembered it, is it allowed for me to discontinue my prayer and pray again? What are the cases in which one can discontinue his prayer?

If someone prayed and had some impurity on his person or body, and he was knowledgeable of that, then his prayer is invalid. If he was not aware of that until after he finished his prayer, then his prayer suffices and it is not necessary for him to repeat it. If he discovers it while praying and he can easily remove the impurity, then he should do so and continue to complete his prayer. It is confirmed that the Prophet (peace be upon him) removed his shoes once in the prayer when the Angel Gabriel informed him that it contained some harmful matter. This did not invalidate the beginning of his prayer. Therefore, if the impurity is on one's headdress, he simply removes the headdress quickly and continues his prayer.1 However, if the removal requires a great deal of movements, such as when removing one's shirt, pants and so forth, then after removing it, one will have to re-begin his prayer. The same is the case if one breaks off the prayer because he remembered that he had invalidated his ablution or if he does so in the prayer or if he invalidates the prayer by laughing and so forth.

Shaikh ibn Jibreen



1. Obviously, the reference to removing the headdress is respect to men only since that is not part of the aurah that they must keep covered.--JZ