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Doorbell Rings While I am Praying

If I am praying and somebody rings the doorbell, and nobody is in the house except me, what shall I do?

If the prayer is a voluntary prayer, the matter is much easier as there is nothing from preventing you from stopping your prayer and seeing who is at the door. However, if it is an obligatory prayer, then you should not rush your prayer unless it is something very important that you fear will be missed. If possible, you may alert the person at the door that you are busy in prayer, by saying subhanallah for men or clapping for women, that would be sufficient. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

"If anything happens to someone during the prayer, the men should say subhanallah and the women should clap."1

If you can make it clear to the one at the door that you are in prayer, by the man saying subhanallah and the woman clapping then you should do that. However, if that will not help because the door is far away and the person will not hear you, then there is no harm in you breaking off the prayer, in particular if it is a voluntary prayer. If it is an obligatory prayer, you should only do that if it is expected that that is something very important. In that case, you may break off the prayer and then repeat it from its beginning afterwards. And all praises belong to Allah.

Shaikh ibn Baz



1. With the exact wording in the text, this was recorded by Abu Dawud. Al-Bukhari has something extremely close to it.--JZ