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Yes, She Must Make Ghusl

Does my wife have to make the ghusl due to sexual defilement after insertion [of the male organ] during sexual intercourse but without ejaculation inside the vagina? Does she have to make that ghusl when she has inserted an IUD inside her vagina or is it sufficient for her just to wash her body and extremities?

Yes, she must make ghusl due to penetration [of the male organ into the female], even if it is simply a little penetration. This is due to the hadith,

"When anyone sits between the four parts of her [his wife's] body and then makes an effort, ghusl becomes obligatory, even if he did not ejaculate."

Another hadith states,

"If the circumcised parts enter2, ghusl is obligatory."3

She also must make ghusl even if she had an IUD in her vagina because of the penetration [of the male organ] and usually some ejaculation. However, she need only make ablution (wudhu) if there was simply touching without penetration.

Shaikh Ibn Jibreen



1. Recorded by Muslim. Also recorded by al-Bukhari but without the words, "Even if he does not ejaculate."-JZ

2. That is, if circumcised part of male organ is covered by female organ, ghusl is obligatory.

3. Recorded by Ibn Majah. Others have hadith with the same meaning. This hadith is graded authentic by al-Albani. Al-Albani, Sahih al-Jami alSagheer, vol. 1, p. 130.--JZ