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Vaginal Discharge

Is the discharge that comes from a woman's vagina pure or impure? May Allah reward you.

What is well-known among the scholars is that anything that comes out of the private parts is impure, except for one thing, that is sperm which is pure. Otherwise, anything of mass or weight that comes from the private parts is impure and nullifies the ablution. Based on that principle, every liquid that flows from a woman's vagina is impure and requires ablution.

This is my conclusion after consulting with some scholars and doing some research. However, I have some problem with this conclusion because some women have such fluids at all times. If the flow is persistent, then the solution is to treat it in the same way that one treats the problem of uncontrollable urine flow. The person should make ablution for the prayer after the time of the prayer begins and then she prays. Then I researched this question with some doctors. They made it clear that if the liquid is from the urethra, then the ruling is as I have just stated. However, if it is from the uterus, then it is also as we have just stated, but, in that case, the liquid is considered pure and one does not have to wash it off of whatever it touches.

Shaikh Ibn Uthaimin