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The Praying in a Dress and Thin, Translucent Stockings

What is the a woman dressing in a thin cloak that shows her clothing? Similarly, what is the wiping over thin, translucent stocking, called nylon stockings?

It is not allowed for a woman to pray in a very thin garment or any other thin garment. The prayer in such clothing is not correct. Instead, it is obligatory upon her to pray in clothing which is covering and through which one cannot see what is behind it or the color of her skin. This is because the woman is aurah (meant to be covered). It is obligatory upon her to cover all of her body in the prayer, except for her face and hands. If she covers her hands also, that is better. As for her feet, she must either cover them with socks that cover and conceal them or with clothing [a dress, for example] that rests over them.

Shaikh Ibn Baz