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Waiting Until She Becomes Pure

There is no doubt that the circumambulation known as Ifadha is one of the pillars and essential acts of the Hajj. If the menstruating women did not perform it due to lack of time and the time was not such that she could wait for her menses to end, what is the that?

It is obligatory upon her and her guardian to wait until she becomes pure and then to perform the Ifadha1 circumambulation. This is based on the Prophet's (peace be upon him) statement when he was told that Safiyah had received her menses, "Is she going to hold us up?" When he was told that she had performed the Ifadha circumambulation, he said, "Then let's go."2

If she is not able to wait but she has the ability to return to Makkah to perform the circumambulation, then she may travel and return after she becomes pure to perform the circumambulation. If she does not have the ability to return or she fears that she would not be able to return, like those who live in far away places from Makkah, like the people of the West, Indonesia and so forth, then, according to the correct opinion, she may protect [her blood from dripping on to the floor] and perform the circumambulation with the intention of Hajj. This is considered permissible by a number of scholars, including Shaikh al-Islam ibn Taimiya and his student ibn al-Qayyim as well as other scholars.

Shaikh ibn Baz



1. This is the circumambulation of the Kaaba which is performed on the Tenth of Dhul-Hijjah. It is one of the pillars of essential acts of the Hajj.

2. This was recorded by al-Bukhari.-JZ